Funding Rotary Grants

On 1 July 2013, The Rotary Foundation launched its new grant model. While its core service opportunities – humanitarian projects, scholarships, and vocational training – didn’t change, the Foundation’s ability to maximize Rotary’s global and local impact did.

We streamlined our Foundation programs, simplified our grant options, and targeted our service efforts on six areas of focus. We also identified and required sustainability in our large-scale grants.

During our first year under the new grant model, the Foundation approved more than 1,300 district and global grants totaling $70.8 million. The majority of the global grants went to projects addressing disease prevention and treatment and economic and community development.

By encouraging large-scale, high-impact grant-funded projects, we’re showing the world that Rotary is a leader in global development and humanitarian service. More important, we’re making certain that the work of our 34,823 Rotary clubs has a lasting, positive effect on lives everywhere.

Learn more about Rotary grants and our areas of focus.

Rotary's New Grant Model Finishes First Year Supporting Our Six Areas of Focus