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“As repaid loans continue to be reissued, the money Rotary invested in this region will have a transformative impact in these communities and women’s lives for years to come.”
— Win Cox, Rotary Club of Poway-Scripps, California, USA

Growing Local Economies

Helping women in Honduras become entrepreneurs

In the Lenca Corridor of Honduras, the Adelante Foundation is helping women out of poverty by giving them the skills they need to become self-sufficient business owners.

Adelante is a global grant partner with the Rotary Clubs of Real de Minas-Tegucigalpa (Honduras) and Poway-Scripps (California, USA), and several clubs in District 5340 (California). It offers non-collateralized group loans rather than individual loans. With Rotary’s help, Adelante was able to provide an additional 600 loans and business training to its current client base.

“It is a big help what Adelante and Rotary have given us,” says Maria Ninfa Lopez Vasquez, a vegetable stand owner. “The loans have allowed us to buy the goods we need to make money and grow our businesses.”

Empowering families to end poverty in Peru

Pachamama Raymi means “Fiesta of Mother Earth” in Quechua, the language predominantly spoken by indigenous people in Peru. It also stands for an innovative methodology the Rotary Club of Inka Cusco is implementing to improve the lives of residents in the Ccarhuayo district, Cusco’s poorest region.

The club and local municipality are combating poverty and environmental issues by teaching indigenous families in 13 rural villages about farming, forestation, and good health habits.

The project involved finding local families that had already improved their quality of life to become examples for other families to follow. Successful farmers also lent their expertise.

Families in Ccarhuayo now have better diets, take advantage of local health services, and enjoy higher incomes from raising alpacas, guinea pigs, and trout. They also helped prevent deforestation and soil erosion by planting more than 1 million trees.

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Rotary grants have helped women in Honduras become business owners by giving them access to microcredit loans.

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