• Eradicating Polio highlight

    Eradicating Polio

    Rotary played a vital role in helping Southeast Asia, including India, become polio free and reduce the number of cases in Nigeria by 90 percent. Rotary members’ advocacy of government, corporate, and public support is critical to eradicating polio forever.

  • Fighting Disease highlight

    Fighting Disease

    Rotary members installed thousands of clean-burning stoves in Nepal to eliminate the harmful effects of indoor air pollution on people’s health and the environment. Their support also enabled a clinic in Mexico to provide free health services to the poor.

  • Providing Clean Water highlight

    Providing Clean Water

    By providing access to clean water, Rotary is giving communities worldwide the gateway to a better life. Projects improved sanitation and health, and boosted incomes for people in Kenya and Uganda.

  • Saving Mothers and Children highlight

    Saving Mothers and Children

    Rotary grants fund medical equipment for a maternity hospital in Sri Lanka, benefiting hundreds of thousands of mothers and their babies. Another, in collaboration with Aga Khan University, provided the resources necessary to train nurses in East Africa.

  • Supporting Education highlight

    Supporting Education

    Rotary members equipped students in Fiji with tablet technology, removing learning barriers that might otherwise isolate them. They also established reading centers for children in poor communities in Brazil.

  • Growing Local Economies highlight

    Growing Local Economies

    Rotary is creating paths out of poverty for underserved people around the world. In Honduras, Rotary members helped women become business owners. In one of Peru’s poorest regions, they helped improve the health of residents, increase incomes, and prevent deforestation.

  • Promoting Peace highlight

    Promoting Peace

    A global network of Rotary Peace Fellow alumni work to promote peace and conflict prevention and resolution. Justin Peele intervened to keep students out of harm’s way in Mali, and Erinma Bell helped reduce inner-city violence in England.

  • Empowering Young People highlight

    Empowering Young People

    More than 600,000 young leaders and young professionals improve their communities through Rotary programs. At New Generations conferences in Argentina, India, and Uganda, Rotaract members shared ideas for engaging young people. In Burundi, they led a water and sanitation effort.

  • Supporting Rotary's Work highlight

    Supporting Rotary's Work

    In 2013-14, 88 Rotary members and friends were inducted into the Arch Klumph Society, honored for their contributions of $250,000 or more to The Rotary Foundation. In addition to providing generous support, Dr. Herbert and Andrea Ederer, and Rosemary and Dennis Hullinger have participated in Rotary grant projects.