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“A high number of mothers and newborn children are getting humanitarian and healthy treatment. A lot of early born babies get the chance to be alive.”
— Kerstin Jeska-Thorwart, past governor, District 1950 (Germany)

Saving Mothers and Children

Sustaining high-level care in Sri Lanka

It has taken Sri Lanka years to rebuild hospitals, schools, and other facilities destroyed by the 2004 tsunami. But lasting change comes only with sustained commitment.

Rotarians in Germany and the Helmut Kohl Foundation joined in funding reconstruction of the Mahamodara Maternity Hospital in Galle, Sri Lanka. After the hospital’s completion in 2012, Rotary members in Colombo and District 1950 (Germany) provided medical equipment through a $450,000 Rotary grant. Since then, more than 140,000 babies and 2 million mothers have been treated.

Educating health professionals in East Africa

Maternal and infant mortality rates are high in East Africa, mainly due to inadequate health care, the HIV/AIDS crisis, and poverty. In response, The Rotary Foundation and Aga Khan University have connected to provide scholarships to nursing and midwifery students at Aga Khan’s campuses in Nairobi, Kenya; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; and Kampala, Uganda.

The first class of 24 students graduated from the two-year program in February with either a Registered Nurse or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. While in school, the students also volunteered at Rotary service projects and worked with Rotary members who shared their expertise to help the students become community leaders.

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Rotary helps train nurses to save mothers and babies in East Africa.

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Doing Good: Saving Mothers and Children

A pink jeep brings prenatal and postnatal care to rural Haiti.

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