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“We believe that investing in reading for children will bring a big change in their lives as well as their families.”
— Marcos Franco, past governor, District 4420

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Tablet technology brings the world to students in Fiji

Rotary members and the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand started an e-learning project in Fiji, donating 70 computer tablets to two schools. The Rotary grant-funded effort was co-sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Taveuni Island, Fiji, and Newmarket, New Zealand.

Kelsi Cox, a Rotary Scholar at the University of Auckland, helped deliver the tablets and train students to use them to learn science and math, and take photos and videos.

“We could bring a library of books to a school,” says Cox, program coordinator for the Digital Learning Room, a project that advances technology in schools in the South Pacific. “Or, we could bring this tablet technology that is small but holds a world of information that can take people to places far beyond the classroom.”

Encouraging children in Brazil to read

When Rotary members in District 4420 (part of São Paulo, Brazil) learned area literacy rates had fallen to 50 percent from 55 percent in four years, they took action. Twelve clubs teamed up to launch Project READ, building 13 reading centers in hospitals, meeting places, and other public facilities in poor communities.

With the help of a Rotary district grant, the project equipped each center with books and toys that encourage reading among children ages five to 12. A local monitor supervises each reading room and tutors students.

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